Sunday, September 3, 2023

Currie Cup - Results


Hope you enjoyed the 2023 Currie Cup. Special Thanks to Nik and his staff at Currie.

After a full audit, it is confirmed that Team Camosy (Red) beat Team Olen (Green) 11.5 to 6.5, Team Camosy had 2 groups take all 3 points Team Olen had 2 groups take 2 points. Weather was ok though 18 holes and then it got warm for the final 9.

Scramble Red 3.5 Green 2.5

Alt Shot Red 4 Green 2

Best Ball Red 4 Green 2

Team Camosy
Lee G, Thomas P, Gary F, Corey M, Steve A, Rufus E, Doug B, Jack B, Richard S, Jim S, Jeff C, Corion J

Team Olen
Eric S, Brian P, Darrell F, Glen B, Harry M, Mark S, Nathan V, Bryan O, Doug S, John H, Richard B, Jeff B

Thanks to everyone for participating.

Bryan Olen

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