Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Members Minimalist Guide

So, I might want to join Currie Park Men's Golf Club?  

Mark your calendar and join us… at da "National" for our next meeting is scheduled for April 10th 6:30pm @Currie Park.

Print out the application write a check and mail. - click here for application

Get your calendar out and mark down the days you want to golf - click here to see calendar of events

Find a member you might know; give him a call or email - click here to find members from 2012

Still have questions? - email our Membership Chair 

Once you have mailed in your application and paid; you will receive a WSGA number which is used for all our events to sign-up.   The number is also used to post your scores to get your handicap.   If you are joining from another club and already have a number please include your number on the application.

Check out information on the website including a short video how to get yourself signed up for events.  Have a look at the kick-off meeting in March


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