Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Message from Captain Jack

Gentlemen: The pairings for our match Sunday, June 2 at The National. Our roster for the day is listed immediately below.  

Collins, Wolter, Jaeger, Frenzel, Bowring, Condella, Cuthbert, Schreindl (Mark), Saks, Pederson, Mattheis, Bruss, Ferguson, Reiter, Camosy, Binder

A few Notes:

1. This is not a shotgun start. We are doing straight tee times from the 1st and 10th tees starting at 6:00 with a crossover. Make sure you report to the correct tee at least 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time.  

2. The cost is $26, but you will not pay at the desk. Currie will prepay for the team. That means you need to pay our club Treasurer, Tom Condella. He will be playing, so you can find him and pay him there on the 2nd or you can mail him a check at 8111 W Wright St, Wauwatosa, 53213. You can also pay me at Currie or at Fire Ridge on Saturday if you prefer, but you will have to find me to do so. I will not be trying to find you to collect. Just to be clear – it is not Toms responsibility to collect from you, it is your responsibility to pay Tom (or me).   

3. There will be no food or drink tickets this year. Your $26 covers green fees only.

4. We could use some volunteers to help out at the match, that is guys who are not playing. We could use 2 or 3 spotters on the course to help keep things moving, we could use someone to help on the 1st or 10th tee starting, and maybe someone to help out with the hole event flags and maybe a few other things. If you’d like to volunteer to help, let me know.

As you can see from the pairings most of us will be giving up strokes, in fact 14 of our 16 guys will be giving up more strokes than they are getting from their opponents. As we’ve discussed before, the way the handicap system works, this is definitely to our advantage. So, revel in the fact that you are playing someone with a higher handicap and go out and beat him. As always, we don’t care (much) what your score is or how many fairways you hit, or bad bounces you may have gotten, or how many putts you make, but we do care about how many points you win. That is the only measure that counts. No matter how well or how badly things may be going for you, keep grinding for any point you can win. They all count, whether you win 1 or 24.  

We got off to a bad start at Grant last month, so let’s use our home court advantage Sunday and move back up to the top of the heap.  

See you there,

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