Monday, May 27, 2013

TOC @ Currie Results

Rick Reiter shot 86 (Even to target score) to win this event, second Wayne Suess 79 (+1) and Jack Bruss 86 (+1), also cashing were Doug Bowring 83 (+2), Darrell Frenzel 83 (+2) and Rich Saks 85 (+2).

Skins were won by Wayne Suess on #1, Darrell Frenzel on #3, Jack Bruss on #5, Derek Dahlgren on #15 & #18 and Doug Bowring on #17.  Skins were cut on #9 and #12.
Interesting notes; Rick Reiter was the only one to par #10, and Jack Bruss to par #11.  There were no pars on #2.

The default Skins setting for TOC is birdie or better,  The tie breaker system (actual to target score) has been removed, tied scores will split the prize pool.  The Blue Golf site only contains gross scores and Skins.


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