Saturday, May 11, 2013

Let the Match Play Begin

The entire club is eligible to play in the match play.   There are four brackets.   Check out your bracket to see who you play.   Set up the matches a an agreed course to play your match.   If you wish not to compete, then go ahead and forfeit your match.   Match play is something different for everyone to play; enjoy your match.   Any questions how to proceed; give a call or send an email to Brian Pederson the Director of the Match play.

1.  Find out who you play by looking at the brackets
2.  Call the person you are to play; phone and emails members tab of website
3.  Pick a time and golf course to play your match
4.  A, B, C Flight matches figure out the number strokes to give and which holes to give them
5.  Play your match
6.  Winner of the match email Eric Gitter the results

Check out the brackets:

Championship Flight




Good Luck to all!

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