Saturday, August 3, 2019

Club Event at Edgewood (Oaks) Golf Course - Results

Edgewood Combatants,

Pleasantly the $48 fee that I was quoted Friday afternoon was incorrect and we actually wound up paying only $37. The best was saved for last as the final foursome of the day won this Irish 4 Ball event. The winners were team Cristan/Hirsch/Schreindl/Schreindl at -17, each getting $30. In 2nd place was team Camosy/Collins/Jaeger/Pederson -12, $20Ea. and in 3rd place was team Condella/Fossett/Glinski/Wolter -10, $10ea. Very impressive playing to the winners.

Honorable mentions go out to Dave Ullenberg with a gross 74, Eric Schreindl 77 and Lee Gardner 78. Net scores of note were Jeff Camosy with a 67, Scott Brandt shooting a 68 and Tom Condella with a 69. On a roll with some recent exceptional play is Dick Baker with a net 70 including deuces on #'s 11 and 14 and a net score of 32 on the back 9. Way to go Richard!!

Skins of $17 ea. were won by Eric Schreindl #3, Brian Pederson #'s 7 and 16, Tom Condella #8, Jim Fossett #10, Lee Gardner #12, and Steve Jaeger #15.

Thanks to Gerry McGrath for helping out with the score-keeping after the round. Appreciate that.

Link to full results

Phil Levin,

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