Sunday, August 25, 2019

MCPLA Arnold Walker County Championship at Brown Deer Park

MILWAUKEE COUNTY PUBLIC LINKS ASSOCIATION 59th Annual Arnold Walker County Championship Brown Deer Golf Course August 24 & 25, 2019

Please make sure you post your scores on the WSGA site, and enter them as a “T” score each day.

Absolutely incredible weather and from all accounts, the best condition that Brown Deer has ever been in!!!! These are the comments I heard over and over again from so many competitors. I want to thank PGA Professional Andy Barrett, Course Superintendent Tim Wegner and both of their staff for the outstanding conditions and organization that makes this tournament a true pleasure to run. Thanks also go out to starter Glen Jaeger, scorer Jay Anosov, and marshall Bob Albrightson. These guys help make a big job manageable.

Congratulations go out to the 2019 Milwaukee County Champion Michael Harris. His spectacular 68 on Sunday led him to victory. Congratulations also go out to A Flight winner Dominic Carini, B Flight winner in a playoff Vince Vitrano, and C Flight winner Jeff Camosy. Trophies were awarded to each of the above winners. All of the below listed winners will have their winnings place on account under your name on the computer and is accessible at any of the County Golf Courses. Andy Barrett assures us that this is the easiest system with no chance of any gift cards being lost!! I want to take this time to thank everyone who played in any of the MCPLA events this year. Participation was up from last year. I look forward to making 2020 even better!!

1st Michael Harris 74-68-----142 $150 & Trophy
2nd John Bechard 74-72-----146 $115
2nd Matt Mattioli 74-72-----146 $115 
4th Keith Gagnon 75-77-----152 $90 
5th Jay Armbruster 77-78-----155 $50 
5th Dae Benedum 77-78-----155 $50 
5th Bruce Henning 76-79-----155 $50 

A FLIGHT (18 Players) 
1st Dominic Carini 84-77------161 $150 & trophy 
2nd Matthew Schendel 83-79------162 $130 
3rd Rick Bartman 83-82------165 $100 
4th Bob Hillman 84-83------167 $90 
5th Steve Grusczynski 87-81------168 $80 
6th Jake Boulware 84-85------169 $35 
6th Bob Cristan 81-88------169 $35 

B FLIGHT (18 Players)
1st Vince Vitrano 83-83------166** $150 & trophy 
2nd Andy Osowski 85-81------166 $130 
3rd Mike Feldner 85-82------167 $100 
4th Jon Kappes 86-83------169 $90 
5th Brian Pederson 86-84------170 $80 
6th Rich Saks 83-88------171 $70
 **Won a 1 hole playoff 

C FLIGHT (20 Players)
1st Jeff Camosy 68-75----143 (net) $150 & trophy 
2nd Dan Meyers 71-77----148 $115 
2nd Scott Morey 84-64----148 $115 
4th Pete Knoeazny 75-75----150 $90 
5th Michael Hennen 74-77----151 $50 
5th Pete Tarantino 79-72----151 $50 
5th Dave Butzen 75-76----151 $50 

Please check the MCPLA website for information on next year’s dates and site for the 2020 Tournaments. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Bob Freuck,Tournament Director

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