Saturday, July 24, 2021

Currie/Hon-E-Kor Challenge - Results

Once again it was a beautiful day for golf. And I am sure all those who played had a great time!! Even though we got smoked again 24-16.

Nobody won all their points but 2 guys won 2 1/2 points out of a possible 3. Bryan Olen and Pete (I think I hurt myself) Lapp. Nice job fellas!! And Pete, thanks for grinding it out for the team despite claiming an injury!!

We lost the 2-man best ball, which we usually do well in, 7-3. We tied the scramble portion 5-5 and proceeded to lose our singles matches 12-8.

We will be planning a rematch again next year and maybe tee times a little earlier in the day!!!

Thanks to all that played!!! Hope you had fun!! I did, despite getting my butt kicked!!!

After 8 years (events), Hon-E-Kor now leads Currie in this Challenge 6 - 2.

Steve Wolter

The Eel

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