Sunday, July 18, 2021

MCPLA 4th Annual 2 Man Best Ball Championship at Whitnall Park Golf Course

Perfect weather along with good course conditions lead to a very competitive tournament today at Whitnall Park. This was the first time we sold out a tournament in a very long time!!! I am looking forward to seeing a nice big field at the Arnold Walker Tournament this year.

Congratulations to back to back winners Adam Hadrian and Joe Hafermann in the gross division and to Bruce Myslis and Matthew Dono for winning in a playoff in the net division. There was a problem with the scorecard printing the wrong handicap dots, but the scores were audited and are 100% correct based on the 90% course adjusted handicap criteria. We also had a problem with people not being able to write numbers clearly so James entered it incorrectly and we had to redo everything Sunday night. Aside from those, the Tournament went off very well thanks to PGA Professional James Grogan, his assistant Larry and Jason, the maintenance guru at Whitnall. These guys make my job much easier with their hard work. I would also like to thank scoring expert Jay Anosov. He has been helping me keep score for years and I thank him for all of his help.

Congrats to all of the Net and Gross flight winners. Gift cards will be mailed to everyone as soon as possible.

Link to Full Results

Bob Freuck


1st Adam Hadrian / Joe Hafermann 67 $240 / team & Trophies

2nd Jim Humbert / Steve Noble 68 $180

3rd Mike Kehoe / Bob Yurasovich 70 $140

4th Murteza Erman / Jon Kappes 71 $100

5th Brian Pederson / Tom Pfeiffer 72 $25

5th Dan Gehrke / Ted Krotts 72 $25

5th Jake Boulware / Steve Wolter 72 $25

5th Harry Markos / Chuck Silkey 72 $25

5th Rick Martin / Ron Martin 72 $25

5th Paul Davis / Jason Kappes 72 $25

5th John Bechard / Rick Rutter 72 $25


1st Bruce Myslis / Matthew Dono 62** $240 & Trophies

2nd John Hirsch / Robert Sweeney 62 $180

3rd Kevin Reidy / Wayne Wagner 63 $105

3rd Abul Azad / Doug Pedersen 63 $105

3rd John Gabor / Jim Skagen 63 $105

6th Tim Bartz / Charlie Hansen 64 $60

7th Pat DeGracie / Scott Gorzek 66 $10

7th Jack Bruss / Mark Cuthbert 66 $10

7th Erik Bronson / Lyle Teskie 66 $10

7th Bernie Raml / Mike Bremmer 66 $10

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