Ready Golf Mission Statement

In recent years the Currie Men’s Club has been continually increased it's reputation for playing "Ready Golf"  As a result, our ability to provide quality golf outings for members has been improving.

Realizing the seriousness of Slow Play, we formed a Slow Play Committee to research, discuss, and recommend possible solutions. We have determined that from top to bottom, club members and officers need to pull together and resolve this situation. We are recommending several initial steps.

They include:

Are you READY?
- As a club, we must endorse and promote ready golf.
- As individuals, we must all work on ways to improve our pace of play.
- Our officers encourage foursomes that are conducive to both learning and instruction to help educate new members.

Some years ago, pro golf officials singled out one promising new player (Jack Nicklaus) for his slow play.   He said, "I had to learn what hurt me in the long run and what bothered other players, and I had
to learn to make my own adjustments," he later recalled. "I was behind on every hole and forcing my fellow competitors to rush, and it wasn't fair. I was hurting them and had to change the way I played." And so Jack Nicklaus, a great golfer and sportsman, did.

So must we. Therefore, it is the stated mission of the officers and members of the Currie Park Men’s Club to play every competitive round of golf in under 4 hours and 30 minutes regardless of the
course.   In order to meet this goal, the following recommendations have been adopted.

Ready Golf

Ready golf is defined as more than playing our shots when we're ready.

Ready Golf means THINKING AHEAD so that you're READY TO PLAY not only when it’s YOUR TURN, but in a fashion that accelerates the rate of play for your foursome.

Ready Golf applies EVERYWHERE on the golf course -- on the tees, on the fairways and on the greens.

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