Monday, June 11, 2012

1st Team Match on Sunday - June 17th at Greenfield Park

Here is our line-up for the 1st Team Match on Sunday- June 17th at Greenfield Park. Please confirm back to me via email no later than this Tuesday - June 12th that you are able to play. I have no other available players so I need everyone to play that is scheduled.

In regards to payment. Please send Tom Condella $25 cash or check payable to Currie Park Men's Club before Friday - June 15th. I will follow up with Tom to make sure everyone has paid. I will not be collecting money at the course the day of the event. Here is Tom's Address:

Tom Condella
8111 W. Wright Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Here is our line-up and tee time in Handicap Order as of 6/1/12 Handicap Posting:
1. Chuck Silkey - 7:00 AM
2. Bob Cristan - 7:18 AM
3. Jim Fossett -7:27 AM
4. Jeff Kapp - 7:45 AM
5. Ken Collins - 7:54 AM
6. Gerry McGrath - 8:12 AM
7. Wayne Seuss - 8:21 AM
8. Phil Levin- 8:39 AM
9. Steve Wolter - 8:48 AM
10. Darrell Frenzel- 9:06 AM
11. Tom Condella - 9:15 AM
12. Brian Pederson- 9:33 AM

1st team representation is down for 2012; if you are among the top 40 handicappers for this year, please go ahead and put your name down to play against some of the best golfers in Milwaukee County to test your skills against the top players in Wisconsin (like Bob Kuster & Tom Komassa).   It is a great way to learn how to play competitive golf and watching how some of the other clubs continue to dominate during match play.  Get in there and test your skills!   Sign-up now...   You will be helping our Club and our 1st year newly appointed First Team captain Jim Fossett.

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