Sunday, June 24, 2012

Results from TOC at Brown Deer Park

Yours truly, Bill Zolandz shot 89 (-6 to target score) to win this event, second Ken Collins 77 (-3), third Rayfield Johnson 92 (-2), fourth Steve Jaeger 86 (+1), and fifth Mike Kessler 78 (+1).

Skins were won by Lee Gardner on #5, Dan Webb on #6, Bill Zolandz on #8, Doug Bowring on #9, Brian Cywinski on #11, Darrell Frenzel on # 14, and Ken Collins on #18.

Skins were cut on #4, #15 and #16.

Our next TOC event is Sunday July 8th at Whitnall Park.

Here's the link to sign up for future TOC events, please enter your name then select "yes" or "no" if you plan on attending that event.   Tour of the County Sign up page

Results Summary for Brown Deer Park


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