Wednesday, June 13, 2012

06/13 Meeting Summary

NEXT MEETING scheduled July 11th @ Currie Park 6:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  All meetings will be held at the Currie Park Club House, at 6:30pm.  In the past, Currie used to have meetings to share information and allow for some discussion.  We are attempting to restart those meetings which will be conducted the second Wednesday of each month.

Past Event Summary (Mike Kessler)  -- updated Draft posts pending Mike's review

ESPN Challenge - results posted 
Currie 2-man BB - results posted
Wanaki Challenge -  results posted
Currie-The Oaks - results posted

Upcoming Events Explored (Mike Kessler)

Currie June 16th, Irish 4-ball (chance to play match)  - using BLUE tees and June 15th handicaps WE HAVE ONE OPEN SPOT - Get signed up
Hawthorne Hills June 23rd, Net Partners - the sign up for this event has been updated; please sign up with you partner and desired tee time.
Whispering Springs July 1st, 4-man Best Ball Net - we will take one net best ball score for the hole to get your total. 

Get signed up for the  Currie Cup any question please email Director Mike Kessler…  The event is Sunday, September 2nd at Currie Park

Club Championship - we need to address the tee time question about 7am.   

1st Team Report (Jim Fossett) –  Team is set for match at Greenfield
2nd Team Report (Jack Bruss) – Team is in first place.  Jack is putting together team for Brown Deer
Tour of the County (Bill Zolandz) – Please notify Bill by signing up on the website.  He needs to notify the course 10 days before how many tee times are needed.   
Currie Match Play (Michael O’Neil) – Get your matches completed.   Second Round is shaping up.
MCPLA (Bob Freuck) –  Arnold Walker applications have been posted, if you have questions please email Bob Freuck
WPLA (Steve Jaeger)  - The Deadline is approaching for the event in Glen Erin get your application in
Membership Report (Rich Saks) –62 players - awaiting for Mr. Tim O'Neil's dues.
Treasury Report (Tom Condella) – missing 2 checks for Wanaki, if you have not paid please do so.
Handicap Report (Mark Cuthbert) – Reports are sent out and updated handicaps are on web site
Player of the Year Points Report (Mark Cuthbert) - check out how you are doing on player of the year points, Mark has started to update the points and totals.

Old Business
Sprinkler head yardage plates installed
Tournament Score “T” question updates - any of the events on the Currie Schedule should be posted as a "T" score.  All other MCPLA clubs are doing the same for their events.
Someone needs to type up a motion to remove junior membership fee of 50% of dues, if they want to present at final meeting.
Someone needs to type up a motion to update by-laws for establishing handicap for events (only impacts new members without an established handicap)

New Business

Follow up with Club Championship Tee times
Match play Round 2 not clear who to play - two places to see matches.  A) on web site; B) on secure site requires a login
Reminder of the Policy for club events see Article X - Club Events Section 8

Meeting Adjourned

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