Saturday, July 5, 2014

Currie Park Men's Golf Club: BRIGHTON DALE, 7/5 EVENT - RESULTS

Brighton Dale Players,
Mark got ahold of David Kohn from the WSGA and long story short, the Blue Spruce handicaps were not accurate in Blue Golf and David updated them for us. We were actually able to take this all the way through running the modified stableford results in Blue Golf to double check our hand-made calculations and there were actually some differences. The big difference was that Kenny was actually a +4 (not a +6) which brought Ullenberg, Binder and Bruss into the money…sorry Kenny! The Stableford Net results are now viewable on the events website…go look if you’d like to see if you’re result changed.

So the payout is: Brighton Dale Event Web Page
  •     Zolandz, Amble and Frenzel at $40 each
  •     Cuthbert and Jardo at $22.50 each
  •     Pederson at $15
  •     Binder, Ullenberg and Bruss at $3 each (rounded)

Honorable Mention (See here for full list of GROSS and NET stroke play results: Brighton Dale Event Web Page )
  • Low three stroke play GROSS
    • O’Neil (78)
    • Cristan (78)
    • Ullenberg (80)
    • Collens (80)
  • Low three stroke play NET
    • Zolandz (70)
    • Bruss (71)
    • Amble (71)
SKINS – Gross (paid out $12/skin)
  • Jeff Brandt
  • Brian Pederson
  • Jeff Camosy
  • Steve Amble
  • Derek Dahlgren
  • Ken Collins
  • Hole 15: Scott Brandt and Bob Cristan

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