Monday, May 1, 2017


Currie Men,
Our first event at our home course this season will be on 5/13 and, as is tradition, will be a 2Man Best Ball and you can PICK YOUR PARTNER.

Click here to register: 5/13 Current Event - REGISTRATION PAGE (Registration DEADLINE IS 5/8 at 9:00am)

Send me (don’t reply all) your choice for a partner…first come, first serve. You don’t HAVE to pick a partner, I will pick one for you if you don’t by pairing high handicap with low handicap, etc…until everyone is partnered up. If we end up with an unpartnered player, his partner will be chosen via a blind drawn in the clubhouse after the round.  

Here’s the people who are registered already…if you think you’re registered then make sure your name is on that list, if it isn’t then go out and register!

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