Tuesday, August 7, 2012

08/08 Meeting at Currie Park


NEXT MEETING scheduled August 8th @ Currie Park 6:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  All meetings will be held at the Currie Park Club House, at 6:30pm.  In the past, Currie used to have meetings to share information and allow for some discussion.  We are attempting to restart those meetings which will be conducted the second Wednesday of each month.

Past Event Summary (Mike Kessler)
Currie Event @ New Berlin Hills
Currie Event @ Brown Deer

Upcoming Events Explored
Season nearing close – Naga-Waukee; Banquet, Abbey Springs, The Bull

Club Championship (Mike Kessler) –  Fred Steiner question;
2 flights for Currie Champ: A & B Flights.   Tee's: A=Blue - B=White
We come out with 4 winners.  Gross and Net champ on each side of the trophy.  
A player cannot place in both divisions within their flight.
Limited number of so called low handicap players playing in this event.  
Could do an overall gross champ flight? Or Stage an overall gross champ for next year?  

Payouts would mirror each other but look like this..1=75, 2=55, 3=35 (not sure if we would do flags, this would alter the payouts)

Then, the A flight can have their own gross skins while the B flight can have their net skins.

1st Team Report (Jim Fossett) – Oakwood next match August 12th

2nd Team Report (Jack Bruss) –Currie August 11th (We need some volunteers to do some spotting).

Tour of the County (Bill Zolandz) – Summary of Season

Currie Match Play (Michael O’Neil) –

MCPLA (Bob Freuck) – Arnold Walker @Brown Deer;  NIMAGA

WPLA (Steve Jaeger) – State @Naga-Waukee & Wanaki

Membership Report (Rich Saks) –
Treasury Report (Tom Condella) –
Handicap Report (Mark Cuthbert) –

New Business
No Shows for Next year – communication changes?
Currie Cup (Director Kessler) – Draft completed; morning pairings; afternoon format and repair groups
Use the parameters set to keep the total handicap below 30 but above 15) Take teams in total handicap order and align them similar to the morning rounds
Allow captains to match up..ken picks his first team, dan matches...dan picks a team, ken matches..etc..

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