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Welcome to Currie Cup Week.

You have been chosen to represent the Best of the Best from The National (ok so you signed up but it sounds better) in an inter-club head to head 36 hole multi format match play event for bragging rights for an entire year. Captain Webb has been basking in the limelight for the last 12 months after leading his team to another victory and holding onto the cup. Captain Collins will have to take over a much hyped but under-performing team and bring his group together to bring the cup back home. (Other side of the trophy case)

This years event will kick off at 6:00 A.M. at The National on Sunday, September 2nd, 2012. Shirts are now available at Currie Park from Eric Gitter (please call ahead to ensure he is there-not working on Thursday). If you have not paid you can pay Eric when you pick up your shirt. Your shirt will also be available on Sunday at registration but only from 6-6:15. Team pictures are at 6:20

Upon arriving please check in and find your cart. Tee times will start at 6:36 but we are asking people to arrive at 6:00 to ensure all players are accounted for and we have a full event. This is not a shotgun start.

We will have breakfast available..Donuts, Bagels, Muffins, coffee and juice. You will also receive two drink tickets and lunch ticket (brats, dogs, burgers) to use at anytime besides breakfast.

The qualification rounds of the Jardo putting contest will also be taking place at this time. PLEASE FIND TOM before you tee off to putt. It is your responsibility to putt before you tee off. Contest will take place at far putting green near the Dome. Winner take all $200 so don't miss out (plus you have already paid for this) The Finals will take place after the Currie Cup and under the supervision of TJ.

This year we have added a new event to the format resulting in 4 different events played out over 36 holes.
NOTE: this has changed from the original schedule.


MORNING SESSION WILL START AT 6:36 (The morning tee times will be announced this Wednesday but plan on being there at 6:00)

9 hole Two Man scramble. (NET)
9 hole Two Man Alternate Shot (Foursomes) (NET)

9 hole Two Man Best Ball (Fourball) (GROSS).
9 hole Singles. (GROSS)

Afternoon Tee times as follows: (for singles cristan will play kessler, silkey will play collins, etc)

12:48 - Cristan / Silkey vs Kessler / Collins
12:56 - Webb / Mader vs Levin / Fossett
1:04 - Pederson / Camosy vs Mattheis / Kartz
1:12 - Bruss / Globig vs J Brandt / S Brandt
1:20 - Gardner / Dobroski vs O'Neil / Gitter
1:28 - Freuck / Condella vs Barkow / Ferguson
1:36 - Wolter / Dahlgren vs McGrath / Jaeger
1:44 - Wilkinson / Breul vs Seamandel / McIrvin
1:52 - Wozniak / Frenzel vs Suess / Bowring
2:00 - Zolandz / Jardo vs Stella / Binder

The Dickinson Liners (webb) need 25 points to retain the cup. The Lawson Airliners (collins) need 25 1/2 points to win the cup.


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