Monday, August 20, 2012


A Flight:

1. MIke O'Neil (overall club champion)
2. Lee Gardner
3. John Dobroski / Phil Levin

1. Doug Bowring
2. Scott Brandt
3. Glen Barkow

B Flight:

1. Tom Condella
2. Jim Kosharek
3. Jack Bruss

1. Jim Seamandel
2. Tom Jardanowski
3. Gerry Loche

A big thanks to Eric Gitter, Matt Sullivan, and Greg Miller for all the hardwork they put in throughout the year to keep Currie National in playing shape. Eric did a great job as our starter, official, ranger, and scorer. The scoreboards were great as always and the pace of play was great as always. Eric was there 7-8 hours each day helping us with our event plus all the time he put in before the event. This course was in great shape considering it gets a lot of play during the year and this summer has not been an ideal growing season. Again, a big thanks to the grounds crew team for setting the pins, placing the tee's and going the extra mile for us. Did anyone notice the traps were even raked and had sand! Thanks to Ken Collins for setting up the blue golf posting/link which not only helped with keeping the world posted on our event but helped with tracking the scoring and skins for each day. Note, your scores were posted for handicap purposes but please double check those postings for any errors. Thanks also to our ceremonial starters on Saturday. (I heard it was great and apologize for not being there as I was having some technical difficulties) Though maybe a little damp, dark, and chilly all four striped it down the fairway as always. This was the first year but hopefully this will become an annual event to kick off the weekend. For more detailed results from the weekend please check out Last but not least thanks to all the members for coming out and participating in the event and sticking around on Sunday for the final groups to come in and finish.

The Golf Committee.

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