Saturday, August 11, 2012

MCPLA 2nd Team Champions 4th straight year

Gentlemen –

Well, we did it again.  We are MCPLA Second team champs for the 4th straight year.  It was a bit dicey for awhile, but we ended up winning today’s event with 226 points.  Brown Deer finished 5th today with 200 points, so we ended up beating them by 64 points on the season. 

Everyone contributed today with 13 guys winning more than 10 points.  Three players took 20 or more, Jim Seamandel with 24, Corey Mader with 22, and Doug Bowring with 20.  Low scores were Mader and Dan Webb 78, Bowring 80, Darrell Frenzel 81, and Mark Cuthbert 82.  Jeff Camosy won 2 skins, on 2 and 16, and Bernie Mattheis won a flag event, although I can’t remember which one.

On the season Camosy and Mader tied for most total points with 90, an average of 18 for 5 matches.  Yours truly was a scant 2 points back at 88 and Rayfield Johnson was 4th with 80.  High average point men for the year were Rich Saks with 24 for 1 event and Ken Collins with a 23 average in 2 events.  For the season we had 28 members who played at least one match and contributed some points.

Many thanks to our pro, Eric Gitter who ran things smoothly and proficiently today.  He also arranged for some fun and interesting pin positions.  Also, many thanks to the helpers and spotters we had who kept things running smoothly.  These included Ken Collins, Bob Ferguson, Dan Kartz, Gerry McGrath, Tom Condella, and Dennis Drake of Grant.  Their assistance also kept things running smoothly, and it was much appreciated.

Today’s results and season standings are here for those of you who want all the numbers.

Next year we go for 5,


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