Thursday, June 13, 2013

1st Team @Oakwood June 16th


Hello! Our Currie Team is now put together for our 1st Team Match on Sunday - June 16th at Oakwood Park. Here is the line-up and tee times:

Ryan Knox - 6:30 am
Chuck Silkey - 6:48 am
Ken Collins- 6:57 am
Jim Fossett - 7:15 am
Jake Boulware - 7:24 am
Eric Schreindl - 7:42 am
Jeff Kapp - 7:51 am
Steve Wolter - 8:09 am
Phil Levin - 8:18 am
Gerry McGrath - 8:36 am

Please email me back to confirm you got this and that you are indeed able to play. I will send final line-up to Oakwood captain this coming Wednesday.

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