Monday, June 17, 2013

What is your Attitude?

Check your attitude? Why are you golfing today; what brings to the golf course; are you here to enjoy a round of golf while playing competitively against fellow golfers? Leave the attitude at home or office. Golfing is a place, I like to call paradise. A place to get outside (in God's country) away from the everyday noise and BS of other life challenges. 

There are four characteristics to consider that make up the attitude of your foursome: 

CONSIDERATION - so, if you are that person the enters the expressway and moves your vehicle into the "fast lane" only to set the cruise at 55; MOVE your butt the hack over. You are NOT showing much consideration to others. On the golf course, it is not much different. There are golfers beyond looking to move a bit quicker than your "cruise control" setting of meandering around for 5 hours. Show some consideration for the other players on the golf course. 

ORGANIZATON - so, you don't like someone in your foursome; thinking…"I am never taking the flag out". Hey, you should just go home now! You are about to spend at least 4 hours with this person, so figure it out. Get your foursome organized early in the round by communicating. If someone is not helping do their part, then teach them. For example: ready golf for foursome, hit if you are ready; and closest to the hole take the flag out; first in pick up the flag to replace it after the last person has putt. Drop a player off if you are in a motorized cart. Don't be like those geese on the course taking a dump all over the course. Get organized early in the round. 

EFFORT - so, it does not take that much effort to "enjoy yourself" while you are on the course. Put some effort into moving your foursome along. There are some golfers which are still learning, put some effort into sharing your knowledge. Dude, they are not going to get it unless you tell them and teach them. This leads to TACK. 

TACK - so, be tactful about teaching them. For those of you who NOT SLOW GOLFERS; guess what, you likely don't have any tack, so just go home now! Those of you willing to demonstrate by example and being tactful about communicating to your foursome that you are out of position; keep up that great work! 

Applying consideration, getting organized, putting a little effort tactfully can prove to creating great attitude for everyone on the golf course getting around in recommended time or even faster! 

"Ultimately, pace of play boils down to ATTITUDE. It requires CONSIDERATION, ORGANIZATION, EFFORT, and TACK." 

Do you have any of these characteristics?

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