Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fire Ridge results

Results from Fire Ridge. We ended up doing everything by hand. Sorry for the Blue Golf issues. We are trying to work things out.

-20          Kapp, Scott Brandt, Pederson, Garbers
-16          Collins, Cuthbert, Condella, Breul
-14          Eric Schreindl, Levin, Bruss, Zolandz
-13          Mader, Wolter, Reiter, Wilkinson
-8            Silkey, Mark Schreindl, Stella, Kamel
-8            Ullenberg, Jaeger, Camosy, Binder
-7            Boulware, Frenzel, Mattheis, Bigus
-4            Fossett, Globig, Amble, Jardanowski

We will pay the top 2 teams. 1st place $120/team, 2nd place $80/team

$35  Skins were won by Tom Condella (Hole 10), Brian Pederson (Hole 14),
Steve Wolter (Hole 18)              

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