Tuesday, April 24, 2012

May, June, & July Sign-ups available

Calling all golfers to sign-up for May, June, and July events; BrownDeer event will be posted soon.  The links to each event are here for you to quickly follow to sign up.

Several awesome tracks to play include our on “Currie National”; thank you Jack Bruss for lining up the courses this year.  If anyone sees Jack, shot him a Currie salute.  Courses which everyone should find in pretty good shape include: 

Currie Park – a special event for ESPN 2 Man Bestball Challenge

The Oaks – a windy breeze generally blowing over this layout 

Currie Park – on the schedule to help get your club matches played

Hawthorne Hills – the land where Silkey and the Eel stake their claims

Whispering Springs – a short drive to Fond u lac to find a little hidden treasure

New Berlin Hills - Established in 1907, is continually recognized as one of the premier course

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