Friday, April 27, 2012

Questions about Hawks View Event

Is it possible the Event could be cancelled at Hawks View?
When will the course or Board Members make the call to cancel event?
Do we golf in the rain?
What happens if someone does not show and the course is open?

For those new members and existing members who are unclear, we golf unless the course is closed. Therefore, everyone should plan on at least making the trip to the course. Bring your rain gear and plan on planning. If the course does happen to close, we will make a post on this web site as quickly as we know. Because, it is a trip for many of us. We will all likely already be in route to the course. So, pack up the clubs, the rain suit, and some extra towels and don't forget the cart cover and umbrella. We will see you at Hawks View.

see Section X

Article X - Club Events
Section 8 . All events will be conducted, rain or shine, unless the course is closed. Questionable weather will not be accepted as a reason for a "no-show."
Section 9 . During any event, regardless of the weather, play shall continue except for the following reasons: the committee/course has suspended play or the player(s) feel that there is danger from lightening. Heavy rain is not considered an appropriate reason for stoppage of play (ref. USGA rule 6-8).


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