Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4th Meeting

Time:  6:30pm Place: Currie Park
Topics for the meeting include:
·         We are need of some volunteers to help with some work around the course.  What can you do to make our club’s course a better place to play golf?  President Webb will explain.
·         Signups for the Events
o   The Bog is nearly full
o   Hawks View has a few openings
o   If you are signing up a guest, please get the name of the player and share an email address.  We would like to see if the guest may want to join the club
·         Sign up for events; web master is working to get the remaining events created on the website
o   Next Currie event after member-guest is May 27th (ESPN 2-man BB)
·         Scoreboard at Currie National – what do you think about the idea?
·         Season is open – post your scores beginning April 1st
o   Make sure you are posting the rounds played in the south
·         1st Team & 2nd Team updates on format & rule changes; prepay schedule; and sign ups
·         Website’s (Which website do I need to pay attention to and what is the purpose?)
o   Public website ( ) – looking to retired as this costs money, difficult to manage content
o   Blog website ( ) -  open public community to help share information quickly to members and others, mobile friendly
o   Facebook website (!/groups/35132292660/ ) – private group on facebook to socialize have some fun sharing pictures tossing out some sarcastic jabs
o   Google website ( ) - secured website where all sign up for events is done.
o   Bookmark the BLOG website and you will informed and will be able to easily navigate to our private and secure websites.
o   If you can’t get to the private or secure websites, please send an email to to get verified for access.
·         Open forum to gather topics for the next meeting in May
o   What are your questions?
o   What are your concerns?
o   What is working for you?
o   Recommend new members to attack to our club

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