Monday, July 23, 2012

2nd Team Results Whitnall

Gentlemen –

Well, we had a decent day today, but we lost some more ground to second place Brown Deer for the season championship.  Brown Deer won the event with 239 points, and we finished third with 214.   Grant was second with 233 points today.  With the 25 points Brown Deer gained on us today, we now hold a 38 point lead over them heading into the final event, which will be held at Currie on Saturday, August 11.  Grant is 3rd, another 40 points behind Brown Deer.

High point men today were Rich Saks and Ken Collins with 24, yours truly with 22, and Brian Pederson with 21.  Jeff Camosy, Rick Binder, Jim Seamandel, and Rayfield Johnson all took 15 or more. In addition, Kenny took medalist for the whole group with a very nice 71!  Saks shot 79, Dan Webb 81, Pederson, Steve Jaeger, and Mark Cuthbert 83, and your humble captain 84.

Darrell Frenzel took a skin with birdie on the 6th hole and Johnson took one on the 12th.  Bill Zolandz won a flag event, closest to the pin on the 9th, as I recall.

In the battle for season high point man, Johnson leads with 77 points, Camosy has 75, Bruss 71, and Jaeger and Cory Mader 68.

Kudos to our own first teamer Lee Gardner for coming out and spotting on the 13th hole.  His help was much appreciated.

Today’s results and season standings are listed below and attached in 2 spreadsheets for those of you who want all the numbers.

The next and final match is Saturday, August 11 at the National. Should be exciting.  For this one, I’ll be recruiting not only players but spotters and starters.  Let me know if you’d like to volunteer.


See Detailed Results

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