Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eric Gitter PGA Pro & Czabe "T2"

Some of you may have listen to Bob & Brian on the HOG 102.9.  Steve Czaban a good friend of our PGA Professional Eric Gitter runs an event while Steve is here for the Bob & Brian Open.  The Event is called the Bloody Horns at the Bull at Pinehurst Farms.   Eric hit the ball the best he has all season to carry a injured Steve Czaban.   Read Czabe's post to hear about the event and see the results.

Two teams from the Currie Park "the National" made the trip to the Bull to test their skills against the over 7300 yard course with pins in ridiculous locations.

Good showing Collins & Webb 78 with triple on their last hole.   Kessler & Frenzel 80 as Frenzel just could not get it going with the putter.   Event somewhat underwhelming (as Currie Park Pro demands such high standards) though no fault of Czabe provided us opportunity to check off another bucket list item checked off (course at 7300 yards PRICELESS).   Collins is requesting Gitter as partner next year.

Kessler smiling as Frenzel caught a nap before we teed off - Bob Madden from the HOG 102.9 in the background

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