Sunday, July 29, 2012

Results from Brown Deer Event

Saturday, July 28th at Brown Deer.   Our event had two flights, overall gross and net.   (no flag events)
Great day for golf, sun was shining with a slight breeze with Brown Deer in solid shape.
We had 28 players signed up (26 showed)  Thanks to Mr Gitter for the good work on the scoreboard.   Thanks as always to Mr Collins for the scorecards (with perforation) and Blue Golf scoring and Mr Cuthbert in helping with the scoring.   We also had a Rich Saks sighting!

Gross Results:
1. 72 - Lee Gardner (30.62)
2. 76 - Michael Kessler ($26.24)
3. 80 - Ken Collins ($17.50)
4. 81 - Dan Webb ($13.14)

Net Results:
1. 67 - Bob Breul - 67 ($30.62)
2. 70 - (tie) Bill Zolandz ($21.87) & Brian Pederson ($21.87)
4. 74 - (tie) Mark Cuthbert (4.38) Jim Wilkinson ($4.38) Glen Barkow (4.38)

We had a gross skins game (birdies or better) 16 players.
Glen Barkow won skins on #3 (2) and #17 (3)
Michael Kessler won a skin on #8 (3)

Terry Stella was the only Birdie on #6 but was not in the skins game.

Skins were cut on #4 - #18

DNS x Rick Binder and Jeff Brandt, hope everything is ok as we had you scheduled to play.
NC y Gerry Loche

Please remember you (we) are responsible for green fee's per our by-laws.   Luckily we have not been charged yet this year by any of the courses but we are starting to see a pattern.   Please let Mike Kessler or Ken Collins know if you can not make the event after tee times have been turned in.  

thanks again to everyone for coming to experience the Jewel of the County.

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