Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whispering Springs Results

A one hour drive from Currie Park to Fond du Lac to visit Whispering Springs Golf Course with 23 golfers.   Greens were running about 11 on the Stimpmeter.  Weather was a cool 90 plus degrees, grass was green on tees, fairways, and greens.   A bit brown in the rough.  Many golfers took motorized golf carts however, there were some men that walked (God Bless them!).

After some auditing of the scores along with checking scorecards (and the help of Blue Golf - thank you Eric Gitter), there were a few adjustments required.  However, only the NET skins game was miscalculated which effect the payout**.   The winning teams total was incorrect (Jaeger, score keeper likely needed a spreadsheet lol).   We ran a NET skins event in attempt to get more participation.  There were 20 of the 23 players that entered the skins game, one player said they would have entered knowing it was NET; another player said they would not have entered know it was NET.

Here are the numbers:

Main Event was 2 of 4 Net Scores - see Blue Golf system for results - click here
1 Pederson/Kartz/Jaeger/Collins           -21F 123 ($23.25 per player)
2 Brandt/Brandt/Mattheis/Glinski         -16F 128 ($13.00 per player)
3 Cuthbert/Seamandel/Bruss/Wozniak  -14F 130
4 Breul/Camosy/Loche/Stella               -13F 131
5 O'Neil/Zolandz/Frenzel/Webb           -10F 134
6 Boulware/Dobroski/Levin/(Bruss)      -8F 136

Flag Event winners: ($7.50)
#3 Closet to the pin in one shot (first shot)  -- Steve Jaeger
# 6 Longest Putt (first putt) - Kenny Collins
#13 Longest Putt (first putt) - Jeff Brandt
#15 Closet to the pin in one shot (first shot) - Damian Wozniak

NET Skins Event (optional $5) - see Blue Golf system for results - click here
Hole Par NetScore Won ($16 per skin)*
1 4 2 Gerald Loche (White) 25
2 5 3 Dan Kartz (Blue) 19
6 3 1 Jack Bruss (Blue) 13
13 3 2 Steve Jaeger (Blue) 14
15 3 2 Gerald Loche (White) 25
17 4 2 Phil Levin (Blue) 8

**Note:  Payout should be $16 per skin (however $20 was paid out; therefore everyone who collected need to pay Ken $4.   Jerry Loche, Ken Collins has your money.   Ken is using the $4 to print next events scorecards again.

Special Thanks goes to Dan Webb and Mike O'Neil for marking scores on the scoreboard.  Thank you for helping out while Michael Kessler was enjoying a rooftop Cubs game.

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