Monday, July 9, 2012

1st Team Match at Dretzka


Thanks again for playing in our 1st Team Match yesterday at Dretzka. We had a good showing with 107 points and ended up 4th. We are currently in 5th place in the standings after 3 matches, but are only 15 points behind Oakwood who is currently 4th.

I also attached everyone's scores and points. Congrat's to Ken Collins who got a skin on #13 and to Steve Jaeger who got 16 points in his match!

Our next Match is Sunday - August 12th at Oakwood. If you are available to play please sign up on the Currie Website.

Jim Fossett

Players       Total Points
Zak Zuba         80 7
Jake Boulware 84 6
Ken Collins 76 11
Bob Cristan 86 5
Phil Levin        84 4
Jim Fossett 80 13
Jeff Kapp         85 10
Gerry McGrath 86 10
Dan Webb         87 6
Derek Dahlgren 91 11
Corey Mader 89 8
Steve Jaeger 82 16

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